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Meet Len Warren

Mar 7, 2023 | Board Blog

Leonard S. WarrenGreetings! I’m Len Warren. I live much of each year in Shoshone, California. I have been studying birds along the Amargosa River for fourteen years. Some people call me “The Birdman of the Amargosa”. I’m proud to be a board member for Friends of the Amargosa Basin.

I’ve always been amazed at the number of species of birds that nest, migrate through, and winter here. Since 2009 as a nest searcher for Point Blue Conservation Sciences, my job has been to find the nests, count the eggs and babies, monitor the nests, make maps of and count the number of songbird territories, and survey vegetation on study grids in Shoshone and Tecopa. Following mated pairs of songbirds through dense Mesquite is not for everyone, but it’s been a gratifying career for me. Magic moments abound during breeding season. Many times, while well hidden, I’ve watched the first strands of spider webs and fibers laid down, as a pair begins building their first nest of the season. Witnessing courtship rituals, pair bonding, nest site selection, and monitoring nest sites has given me an appreciation for the Amargosa from a perspective that few others have been privileged to experience. I love to share my enthusiasm for our birds with others. To help a novice get their first look at a “new species” is a thrill of a lifetime that can’t be beat.  Although I’m known for providing bird walks, I’m also proud of the long-term data set on birds that I’ve helped to provide.

While I worked for The Nature Conservancy, I helped to establish The Screwbean Mesquite Working Group. Screwbean Mesquite is disappearing throughout the Desert Southwest. As more in-depth Screwbean studies occur, hopefully some solutions will come forth.

As multiple tree planting projects that I’ve been involved with begin to grow into habitat density, understory, increased vegetation patch size, and eventually canopy, I hope that Amargosa bird populations will be enhanced.

As I begin my fifteenth breeding bird season, I’m aware that the Amargosa Basin needs special protection. Threatened from many directions, Amargosa needs our help. Please become a “Friend” and join us in our efforts towards a National Monument.

Figure 1 Hatch day for Bell’s Vireo

Figure 2 My Mom and Dad taught me about nature when I was little. I've been hooked ever since!

Figure 2 My Mom and Dad taught me about nature when I was little. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Figure 3 There is awesome wildlife here (California King Snake)

Figure 3 There is awesome wildlife here (California King Snake)